A Fresh Spring (in the Late Summer of My Life)

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Meteorological spring also brought another spring to my life this year ... one that was very slow in arriving but has already proved well worth creating.

On March 1, the snolfs and I moved out of Lobo’s home and into a cozy house of our own, in one of the old sections of this town. For those newish to this place and/or who need a refresher, Lobo and I ended our romantic partnership several years ago; after a few years apart, I returned to his house in order to coparent the snolfs (we lived half a continent apart and the separation was very difficult for all four of us). As happens all too often, the terms of this rejoining of households were not clearly spelled out; that led to slowly but steadily growing stress for me. (Not wanting to spill the personal details of all that was going on was behind most of my absence here.) A casual comment Lobo uttered on New Year’s Eve (with a house full of family and guests, no less) triggered the avalanche at last.

Part of what brought about our 2004 split has been a major factor this time around: Lobo has lost much of my trust and respect. (I’m certain that in his eyes I have changed a good deal as well over this time, and likely not all to the good in his estimation; but that part of the situation is for him to tell when and if he chooses.) Our households are close enough that the snolfs can easily be with whomever they want as his work schedule allows, but since Lobo recently made it clear to me that he hasn’t considered me part of his family even informally since the 2004 split, I intend to stay as clear of his doings as I’m able.

The past few months have been quite stressful for me, but thanks in very large part to my karate training and sitting meditation practice, I’ve come through in better shape than I expected. Snolf Mk. I and I worked our asses off on March 1 to move enough stuff in to our new place to be able to sleep in it that night. Even though chaos is still queen here, and there’s a lot more stuff to move, we are all very happy here and look forward to making it our home for real. We even have the owner’s permission to paint the interior as we wish—so of course we have a load of paint chips and are having regular conversations about what colors to paint the living room, kitchen, and dining area.

At long last, life is good for me and can only get better from here. The way I figure it, the immediate challenge before me is to increase my income streams in order to gain financial independence along with the physical independence I now have. As I’m still homeschooling the snolfs, my primary plan is to expand my writing/ghostwriting and editing clientele; I have some ideas on that front that I’ll pursue once we’re settled in. I will probably offer candies for sale again come fall ... and who knows what else I may conjure as I become part of this community and see what possibilities it offers? It’s an exciting time and I plan to make the most of it, come what may.

Okay, get to the point

I will probably offer candies for sale again come fall

There's the important part!!!


Just kidding -- Congratulations on your independence and new home, and best wishes for a springy spring!


I am very happy for you and the snolfs. I hope this year is healthy, happy and prosperous for all of you.

New Beginnings

Happy Spring to you, Sunni! This sounds like a challenging but hopeful time for you and the snolfs. We'll all be rooting for you. :)

So glad!

Can't tell you how glad I am to see this happening. I know that you will find a whole new life and all sorts of wonderful things to do and be. :)

So happy to hear your news

So happy to hear your news is good. I wish I lived much closer so I could help move your things, since that is sadly one of the things I am best at (it comes with practice).


Murphy's Bye-Laws


I hope you and the snolfs continue to enjoy your new place. It sounds like you are having fun. :)

We're with you

Moving forward is always good - actually any kind of movement (if you're on the wrong road, you have to go back to get to the right road) is better than staying in one not-so-good place, and the longer you stay the harder it is to move.

Our spirits are with you even though the distance makes practical help a little impractical ...

Thanks, everyone; and brief news update

All your supportive and encouraging messages are help aplenty; we really appreciate it.

For those of you who have been corresponding with me via encryption, I have good news and bad news: the good news is I can still use my GPG keys. The bad news is that only my Linux box has that capability and it’s being completely uncooperative with connecting to our wifi. I will be researching that this weekend. I do have sneakernet capabilities and hope to have time to catch up over the weekend as well.